Adoptable Cats at Feeders Pet Supply

Cats at Feeders Pet Supply State Street in New Albany

Love cats? Then why not volunteer with them? Our friends at Feeders Pet Supply kindly allow the shelter to place adoptable cats at their State Street, New Albany location. The cats get out of a stressful shelter environment and in front of potential adopters. The cats really seem to thrive in this environment and in 2021 there were 153 cats adopted this way!

FCARL volunteers look after the cats at Feeders Supply twice a day, seven days a week. We have several 30-minute, once-per-week shifts available, however, you can spend as much time with the cats during your shift as you want! Volunteers make sure that the cats have food & water, scoop litter boxes, ensure the cage is clean and tidy and of course, give lots of TLC to the cats. We can’t pay you but you get unlimited head bumps and purrs!

Interested in volunteering? Contact us for more information! Volunteers need to be 16 or over.